How does OurPass work for Merchants?

If you operate an e-commerce website, then OurPass is for you!

Step 1: Visit the Seller Page and click on "Get Started For Free"

Step 2: Sign Up for an OurPass Merchant account by filling out the necessary details.

Step 3: The "Checkout with OurPass" button can now be integrated with your e-commerce website.

Step 4: Buyers will also sign up for an OurPass account and input their personal, payment and shipping details only once.

Now, each time an existing or prospective customer with an OurPass account visits your e-commerce website with the intent to purchase, the moment they're ready to checkout, they simply have to click on the "Checkout with OurPass" button and Voila! Their purchase is completed.

Why OurPass for Merchants?

  1. Competitive Pricing for Merchants

  2. Significantly reduces cart abandonment, one of the core challenges faced on any e-commerce website.

  3. Boosts your Customer's Average Order Value because now, with a fast and secure checkout process, people can devote more time to what really matters to them, be it when making purchases or the many other daily activities they carry out.

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