As an OurPass merchant, you can easily filter your transactions and also export a comprehensive file of your transactions. Here’s how: 

  1. Log in/Sign up

To filter and export transactions, you must have an OurPass account and be a verified merchant. Download the OurPass app on Playstore/ Apple Store or sign up on the site and follow the detailed verification process to get verified.

  1. Go to your dashboard

Log into your OurPass dashboard online. Click on transactions on the lefthand menu of the dashboard page.

  1. Click the filter button

Once you are on the transactions page, click on the filter drop-down menu which is displayed prominently beside the search bar. 

  1. Select your preferred filter setting

You can decide to filter your transactions based on date, or channel (Bank, Wallet, POS, Card). Once you’ve chosen your preferred setting, click the filter button.

  1. Export

You can decide to export your entire or filtered transaction history as a CSV file by clicking on the export button which can be seen directly beside the filter button. 

Note: You can only filter and export transactions on the OurPass website. This feature is not available on the OurPass app.