Why was my former virtual account number changed/deactivated? 

To improve customer satisfaction and service reliability. We have changed your account number! It is advised that you DO NOT make transfers using your OLD OurPass account number. Transactions to the old account will fail.


What is the name of the new bank?

Sterling Bank


NB: All banks connected to the interbank transfer network are approved by the CBN to accept payments into their accounts.


This means that whenever you’re trying to fund your OurPass wallet via your new account number, you need to also select Sterling Bank.


We know you might have it saved in your clipboard or note but, in order to save time, please do not forget to select the right bank name (Sterling Bank).

Welcome aboard STERLING?.

How do I get my new virtual account number?

  • Login to your account on your mobile app.
  • Enter your Bvn to “VERIFY BVN”

  • If you're logged out after verifying your BVN, then login again and Click on "Fund Wallet"

  • Select "Bank Transfer"

  • Here's Your Newly Assigned Account Number! ?