OurPass lets you accept all kinds of payments, both on and offline. You can use a simple QR code or payment link to charge your customers or have them transfer money directly into your OurPass assigned bank account. If you’d prefer to let your customers pay without leaving the comfort of their homes, the one-click checkout is ideal for any type of product you sell online. OurPass' headless checkout also allows your customers to buy from anywhere.

One-click checkout

One-click checkout is a great way to deliver a seamless customer experience, allowing your customers to checkout in one click. A customer only needs to enter their information just once on OurPass and then use that information to checkout on any website using that service.

By offering them one-click checkout at the point of sale, you're speeding up the process and improving their overall customer experience. This can lead to higher profits and increased customer loyalty as well.

Headless Checkout

Payment Link

Sending a payment link to your customers is one of the easiest ways to get paid. You are able to send links via email or SMS, and all your customers have to do is click on the link and pay. 

Qr Code

There are 2 ways you can use QR codes with OurPass:

  • You can display a QR code tabletop stand at your store's physical outlet. The customer just has to scan the code, they'd be directed to a page where they can checkout in one click.

  • You can also embed QR codes into your digital content, like videos, reviews, blog posts, social media posts etc.

Bank Transfer

This option is both convenient and secure. A bank transfer can be made online, by phone or in person at any branch of a customer's chosen bank. Upon registration with OurPass, you are given a business account, which you can use to conduct transactions.