You can use OurPass to request money or pay requests from friends and family. The Request Money feature is available once you have enabled your account.

Here’s how to request money:

1. On the OurPass app homepage, you’ll see the Request Money option. Select it.

2. Search for and select the phone number or username of the person you want to request money from.

3. Input the amount you want to request. You can add a brief description to your request.

4. Click on the Request Money button.

You’ll receive their payment directly into your OurPass account.

Some things to note:

* You can only receive payments in the same local currency as the account you request, for now. If an attempt is made to credit your account in a different currency, we’ll reject the payment.
* There are no fees to request or send payments using your OurPass account. Learn more about how to send money here.
* There’s no limit to how much you can request and send using your OurPass account.
* You can only request from a person who also has an OurPass app.

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